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Portugal is now a country in the surfing world and a surfing destination par excellence, with waves for all types of surfing, from beginner to professional level.

It was for this reason that António Pedro de Sá Leal and Francisco Cipriano made the first bilingual guide of the best places to surf in Portugal mainland and islands. Suitable for all surfers, from the most experienced to the initiated, this guide aims to fill an important gap in the structuring of the wave offer in Portugal and especially internationally, to position itself as the first comprehensive inventory of spots that present good conditions for surfing. Simultaneously aims to contribute to an overall view of the surf in the country, promoting simply, direct and effectively, Portugal as a destination for surfing.

This guide, although recourse to available information sources, has an exploratory character essentially based on a unique experience by the authors who have visited all the sites referenced from north to south of the country including the islands.

Portugal Surf Guide assumes a portable format, editing a bilingual Portuguese / English, ready to take the next surf trip in Portugal. The edition is presented by Uzina Books and is on sale in mid-October..
Portugal Surf Guide was organized into seven regional chapters, one for each Portuguese region: North, Centre, Lisbon, Alentejo, Algarve, Azores and Madeira. In each region, presents with a description of the main characteristics of the surf and identifies the local surf presenting a graphical view of their location, using a map of Portugal enhancement. At each location the fundamental elements of the wave are presented: consistency, type of wave, crowd, appropriate swell, wind and tide, while it provides information on the location, ie accessibility, amenities and parking.

In order to complement the description, the guide includes testimonials from local surfers stressing the importance of each location for surfing. The spots are also accompanied by a photograph illustrating the wave in its full operation. The photographic quality also marks Portugal Surf Guide as this work was carried out by André Carvalho, prominent name in surf photography. André Carvalho has photographs published in several surf magazines and his work is a careful illustration of the Portuguese waves.

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