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It is in this context that, given our excellent natural conditions, Portugal is prominent in nautical sports which now mobilise a significant number of players. One of these sports is surfing. Despite the existing surfing tradition here, the last few years have been decisive in consolidating it so that today we can say that Portugal is a key country in the world surfing panorama and an outstanding destination.
Portugal has a temperate climate with a lot of sun, and although the water is cold the waves are regular along the coast throughout the year. The combination of an irregular coastline with the flow of the Atlantic swell results in a line more than 800 km long which is worth exploring. The fact is that you don’t have to travel far to find a quiet corner to enjoy the best surf and the harmony between man and nature. 
It was precisely because we recognised that we have a diversified offer of quality throughout this country that we decided to produce this Portugal Surf Guide.
The aim of this guide is to fill an important gap in Portugal but also internationally about the information on the wave offer, as it is the first complete inventory of spots with good surfing conditions. The aim is also to contribute to an overall view of surf in Portugal and to establish its importance in the Portuguese economy, simply, directly and effectively promoting Portugal as a surf destination.
The Portugal Surf Guide also wishes to convey a strong environmental message, raising agents’ and tourists’ awareness of the preservation of our natural resources, our beaches and waves, through habits which promote a code of conduct that is environmentally responsible. Enjoy! 

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